What Do You Fear?

What Do You Fear?

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As you consider your life and the path that’s before you, are you looking forward to it, or do you sense any hesitation or feeling of foreboding?

When you’re in bed at night, during the time when it’s the darkest and you feel the weight of your ideas, what is you consider the most?

Do you dread the future? Are you afraid now for the present because of the way you lived before?

Anyone who wants to be a teacher understands how hard it is to help someone else work through fearful feelings. The majority of the answers supplied from a spiritual perspective are associated with prayer and requesting a supreme being for advice. Those people who are religious and New Age teachers normally have their pat answers also, referring to Source, Infinite Intelligence, or the Universe, in a quest for aid. To put it differently, wait for someone another entity who’s accountable for all living things to listen to and respond to your pleas for aid. Waiting for a reply is known as having faith.

I’ve been a part of religious organizations as young man and know it never let me find peace, especially during the days when I felt lonely and afraid. I also have been engaged in a search for knowledge among religious and New Age teachers, finding the identical rote answers given without really teaching people authentic self-empowerment. This is among the reasons why I decided to enter the field of spirituality and educate Laws of this Universe. I knew there is far more to be shared with individuals that are asking questions and seeking advice.

What I have discovered myself is a route to spiritual and personal transformation. It didn’t come about by pledging my religion to a company, group, being, or thing. What it did mean was studying to reflect and listen to the relationship we all have inside us to the energy supply of life. As soon as you’re able to shed self-imposed beliefs about somebody or any other being controlling the world and all living things, you free yourself to get access to the Collective Consciousness of humanity. Then you may get the knowledge and insight you will need to live the life you want and the life you’ve planned.

This can seem like a challenging process to follow but the truth is that we’re all connected to the energy source of life, a relationship that is always there and present, and we are not cut off from it. We just limit our ability to listen and get the knowledge we need when we give our beliefs to religious institutions and others who make us think we must visit them to access this infinite wisdom. That’s when we begin blocking the insight that’s easily available, and it’s when we feel an energetic sense of distress.

I’ve started to teach the Laws of the Universe, together with Wisdom of the Universe, by discussing topics I think will be of interest to other people. I use a query as a starting point to tap into the flow of Collective Consciousness.

What I recommend is that you find a journal and start to compose as you find quiet time to do so, since this can allow you to learn how to concentrate your thoughts. The more you practice doing so, the more powerful you will become, until you’ll find it is simple to plug in. This is where I’m now in my own developmental journey.

I share this with you since it might help you once you feel fearful or afraid of something, whatever it may be. Additionally, it helps to turn powerful emotional reactions into logical thoughts, which means that you can start to better see the larger picture or listen to all the details involved in the situation or issue. The most important goal of having a journal is that at first it might help calm you down as you develop a feeling of control over your thoughts.

The subject of fear is also something I wanted to find out more about as I had been connected to the consciousness flow, or the Collective Consciousness of humankind and higher order Universal Wisdom. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about living with and controlling your anxiety.

There’s the saying about a person having an whole life available to them and before these are many possibilities. What that saying does not supply is a roadmap for finding such enormous and unending possibilities since most men and women live their life expecting something comes together based upon their efforts, wants, and fantasies. But as time continues, and efforts don’t produce significant changes or ends in an individual’s life or livelihood, reality sets in, together with many negative emotions. This is when a once promising career or job can start to feel like a jail or a snare. The exact same is true for a connection that once appeared engaging and highly connected.

The older a person becomes old, the farther back they’re able to look, and if they aren’t careful, it’s possible to get stuck in the past filled with memories and imagined scenarios of what could have or should have occurred. It is like the sensation of dread about the future induces a man to then reflect on both unsettling past events.

What’s Fear?

Stress is usually described in precisely the identical fashion, as a psychological reaction to events or built-in paranoia about certain circumstances or conditions. Fear might be triggered by conditions, like the dark, and anxiety might cause a fight or flight reaction. Someone may be afraid of germs, insects, or some other psychological associated condition. It’s the complete opposite end of the energy spectrum, so it’s the comparison to positive energy. This means a person can never feel great while at a state of being fearful. This is a negative form of energy that’s so profoundly powerful it may cause physiological reactions also.

The reason fear is such a common psychological reaction is that people aren’t told to believe in their connection to the origin of life energy. People who learn about it, like those that are reading this today, are the people who emerge in the self-imposed mindset constraints developed by people, and more especially, spiritual leaders. After the response to questions about life is to pray and wait on somebody another entity, individuals must await a response. They aren’t taught connection. This just affirms a belief in separation. They need to play with the prescribed rules so as to get the assistance requested, and it might not be everything they want or need.

The feeling of separation, between someone and their natural connection to the origin of life energy, isn’t a natural condition. This is the reason the negative flow of energy can exist so powerfully inside people. There are so many men and women who look unhappy, depressed, Indialantic Squirrel Removal, disconnected, gloomy, and worse. These are the men and women who don’t believe their prayers are answered or they can’t find answers to their questions from the spiritual or religious teachers they seek out. This mindset congestion develops stronger over time and produces a strong negative lively current within someone. This can manifest in a range of external and internal ways, from physical to mental illness.

What most writers write about when they tackle fear, is the way to control your fears. A much better solution is to acknowledge what’s being felt and experienced, and decide this isn’t how you want to live your life. More importantly, you must decide you are the person who’s now likely to take control. This is going to be challenging at first as you might have already attempted to pray or seek out other spiritual teachers. But the origin of the response is within you. You simply fear what you don’t yet know.

Now you can turn within and find your true source of electricity, the link to the origin of life energy. This is what you would like to concentrate on as fear attempts to enter your conscious thought process. How can you find your true source of electricity? You start to divert your focus. Think about any happy memory or idea. Write down your best achievements and some other memories that have brought you pleasure. You don’t have to evaluate these memories, only write them experience the feelings of these.

Then as you start to concentrate on positive memories, then continue this practice until you become so well focused on the procedure you change the path of your mindset and turn off or attune to positive energy. There’ll be times you’re going to get negative psychological interruptions; however, as soon as you find the process of finding your authentic power through positive feelings, you will learn to quickly return your attention. The power of positive ideas is the ability of these memories that will help you attune to the Collective Consciousness of humankind, which is your link to boundless wisdom, knowledge, and comprehension. It’s obtained and experienced and felt through the positive energy spectrum or positive feelings.

Learning a procedure for redirecting your thoughts doesn’t mean that you will no longer be fearful. For those who have conditioned yourself to living in fear of someone or something, this isn’t going to change immediately. However, the more you practice changing your focus, the more you’ll discover how you have the ability to control how you are feeling and how you experience this planet. Those fearful feelings may actually be valid in some fashion, based upon the reason they have been attached to a mindset, but you no longer have to be controlled by them. You can now learn how to live by directing the ideas of your mind. As you practice deliberate believing, you’ll find yourself not wanting to experience negative feelings any longer. You may no longer be controlled by negative emotions, and you’ll no longer have to look to somebody else for replies, as answers you need are available to you and inside your own mind. Being feeling happy is your normal state.

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